A Story Worth Telling

Its not often that we get to witness a genuine act of humility and kindness from a perfect stranger. My wife and I have recently experience one and I feel its only right to share it with you.

We recently got married in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, the city where we first met and spent most of our teenage years. Our wedding was a destination wedding, since we now live in Sunny Florida. By reference from a close friend we where able to hire an amazing photographer, Marek Dziekonski. Marek is a true artist, more than just a Photographer, he has an eye and vision that most people can’t see. We where blown away by his creativeness.

The day after our wedding, Marek wanted to get us dressed all over again (nuts) and walk around the old city to take some shots.  It was close to dusk and our session was ending, so we decided to set up some shots on top of one of the old barrack houses of Castillo San Felipe del Morro. We finished our session and said our goodbyes. A couple of month later we received the photos from Marek.

Here is where the story gets better, this past weekend, I receive an email from Marek:

Hey Armina and Eric! A guy (Richard) who was in San Juan emailed me this photo a few days ago. I though it was really nice of him to track me down to make sure that you get it. :) If you get a chance and would like to send him a thank you note….

(Below is the photo that was attached in Marek’s email)RichardPance

We where in shock and blown away by the photo. Who took it and how did they find us?

I emailed Richard. It turns out that he just happened to be visiting Old San Juan from Kew Gardens, New York, he had setup his tripod to take some shots of the full moon rising over the cemetery and saw us standing on the roof of the barracks. He decided to turn his tripod around and snap 3 photos. He combined them to create this HDR version. When he got home to New York he tried reaching out to some wedding photographers in Puerto Rico but did not have any luck. Last week he was checking an App called Zite on his iPad, which let’s you design your own magazine. On his Puerto Rico feed from Zite he saw an article about Marek and our wedding photos. He compared my wife’s dress to his photo and realized he had finally tracked us down.  He then contacted Marek and sent him the photo, to send to us.

I don’t know if I should be more blown away by the photo or the generosity and persistence of Richard trying to reach out to get us the photo of such a memorable moment in our lives. All I can say is, Thank You, thank you Richard for your kindness and for being an example.

I hope this story inspires you to be creative, outgoing, kind and persistent.


Check out Marek’s site, you can see the pictures from our wedding at  Style Me Pretty

The photo shown on this post is owned and taken by Richard Panse. If you would like to see some of Richard’s Photography, follow him on Facebook


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